Bay Leaves
Bay Leaves

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Farm Fresh Eggs from the local community
Farm Fresh Eggs from the local community

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Soy Candles
Soy Candles

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Bay Leaves
Bay Leaves

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All Produce is Locally Grown, Grazed & Seasonally Harvested

All locals are welcome to place items in the stall.

Please contact us if you would like to make or grown items for the stall

The Farm Gate Stall is open every day and is located at 1105 Upper Lurg Rd Greta South Vic

Drive In  - 50 Metres up our driveway and you will see the stall in the carpark area.

Currently Available

Now Available at the stall -King Valley Flavoured Walnuts!!!  $12 a bag

Lemon Oil

Preserved Lemons

Marinated Artichokes $6

Rhubarb Compote $8

Beautiful bunches of Pincushion flowers from Wattle Creek Flower Farm $25 each

 Fresh Farm Eggs from our community from $5 a dozen

Locally Made Mustards $6


Handmade Bouquet Garni $3 

Dehydrated Citrus Wheels (perfect for cocktails or ice cold drinks) $5

Bay Leaves $3

Soy Candles $20-$25       

Soy Wax Melts $5 a bag

Bath Salts 400grams $15

Mini Bath Bombs 8 for $15

Fresh Herbs - Mint, Vietnamese Coriander and Chives 

        Free Books         


Fruit & vegetables available seasonally

Locally made Sourdough Bread available upon order


Produce changes regularly and is always kept refrigerated.

*'The stall is council permitted and all homemade products are made in council approved kitchens'

'All farm meat has been processed and packaged by a butcher'

' No commission taken all funds go back to those that leave produce and homemade goods'